Business Center Installs Solar Energy


Fishkill, NY – Mannino Electric has announced the completion of a 49.5-kilowatt solar power system at the Digestive Disease Center located at 400 Westage Business Center Drive. Engineered and installed by Poughkeepsie-based Mannino Electric, one of the region's most experienced solar installers, the 198-panel array makes the Digestive Disease Center among Fishkill’s first local businesses to take advantage of cost-effective solar energy.

The solar array will generate an estimated 53,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy for the Center in its first year of operation, offsetting 28% of the building’s annual electricity consumption. Over the lifetime of the system, the solar power system will eliminate around 900 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of removing over 180 cars from the roadways.

“This solar power system does not emit any greenhouse gases and does not result in deforestation. Even more, it creates good local jobs,” said Dr. Ravi Hotchandani of the Digestive Disease Center. Dr. Hotchandani will purchase electricity generated by the panels at a rate lower than the rate from Central Hudson, making the decision to go solar both economically and environmentally beneficial. In addition, the panels are maintained by Mannino Electric, making it simple for Dr. Hotchandani to focus on his core business.

Bob Mannino, CEO of Mannino Electric emphasizes, "This is a great deal for local businesses. It saves money, creates jobs, and helps to protect our environment. Our hope is that commercial buildings throughout the Hudson Valley will realize that solar energy is a low-cost alternative to rising electricity prices."