Mannino Electric is a Certified Eligible NYSERDA Recognized Installer and works together with Incline Solar to bring you the latest in Advanced Solar Technology

Most solar energy solutions can be categorized as Solar Electric or Solar Thermal. In brief, Solar Electric uses Photovoltaic (PV) modules, to convert the sun's rays into electricity. Solar Thermal captures heat from the sun's rays to heat water.

Solar Electric will power anything that uses household current (AC). Solar Thermal uses it's heat from the collectors to heat floors (Radiant Flooring), Radiator systems, Domestic Water or Pool water. We also offer Solar Attic Fans and Solar water pumping.

Solar Electric systems use PV modules, which convert the sun's rays into DC electricity. The inverter converts the DC power to AC suitable for normal household use. By being grid-tied, the energy produced by the PV system offsets the energy you would have otherwise have purchased from your utility company. Credits are given for energy produced in excess of your need and used towards future requirements.

Solar water heaters and systems are a very efficient way to use solar energy. Heating water is one of the biggest contributors to your electrical bill. By providing up to 80% of your annual hot water needs, you can experience a return on your investment in a very few years.

Our water heaters are normally two tank systems; one tank being the solar storage and the other being a reserve, to assure you never run out of hot water. Solar water heating systems circulate a heat transfer fluid throug a thermal collector which absorbs the sun's energy. It is then circulated to a heat exchanger where it heats potable water to your desired temperature.

All Solar Electric and Solar Thermal Systems qualify for various financial incentives. Click Here for more information.